American IdiotApparently the suddenly respected Green Day aren't content to just sit back and read the critical praise of their American Idiot album. Instead of resting on their proverbial laurels, the boys are planning a movie based on the album, which frontman Billy Joe Armstrong says he'll take part in writing and producing. Blessedly, however, Armstrong assured the vulnerable masses that the members of Green Day will NOT be starring in the film - they will, he said, "leave that to the professionals." Thank God for small favors.

Weirdly, Armstrong seems to talk about the movie only in the context of The Who - a member of which, you may recall, starred in Tommy. Said Armstrong, "the movie, which will be like a mix of The Who's albums and films, Tommy and Quadrophenia." Uh, what? I thought it was going to be a mix of Green Day and American Idiot. Maybe he just means it'll have singing, running on the beach, and scooters. And, if there is any justice in the world, Tina Turner.
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