Superman ReturnsWell, I guess it was live before, actually, but now there's really a reason to visit: copious stills, downloads, a (not working) teaser link and, coolest of all, Bryan Singer's video journals. There are 22 installments up so far, and they're laid out in a very classy, comic book-style format that works great as long as, you know, Flash doesn't crash your browser. Like it does mine. Though the journals have been showing up lately at (which has the four most recent offerings not yet added to the Warner Bros site), it's cool to have them collected on the official site - if nothing else, it's a sign that Warner's is seriously behind this movie. (Not that they have any choice. If you spend upwards of $200 million on a product, you damn well better support the hell out of it.)

And just FYI: according to bluetights, there are currently 7 months, 19 days, 15 hours, and 24 minutes until the movie is released.
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