guyritchie.jpgGuy Ritchie can always be relied opon to toss out quotes rivalled only by his wife in terms of crackpot self-importance. Now he's claiming that he "knew" that his latest film, Revolver, was going to flop theatrically. In fact, he says, "It was exactly what I anticipated." Revolver has been nothing but trouble for Ritchie since the beginning, but many observers thought he was heading towards the light when he cut Madonna's role from the film last spring. Whatever that accomplished, it didn't make any difference with filmgoers. But Ritchie insists that it's bound for cult status on DVD. "I like to think that something like Revolver has got miles and miles of room for debate," he says. I'm not sure what he's saying here – I mean, bad cult status, or good cult status? Or bad/good? Or good/bad? Essentially, is he *trying* to get us to compare him to Ed Wood?
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