Walk the LineKathy Cash, Johnny Cash's daughter by his first wife Vivian Liberto Distin, angrily told the press that she walked out of a family screening of her dad's new biopic, Walk the Line. And, kids, she didn't just walk out once - she left FIVE TIMES! Take that, Fox. (Of course, all of that stomping out means that Ms. Cash walked back in at least four times so it couldn't have been all that bad.) According to Cash, her objections revolve mainly around the movie's unfair treatment of her mother, and the absence of "any meaningful scenes with the children or show the pain she and her three sisters endured during their father’s fight with drugs and their parents’ divorce."

Totally unintentionally, all Cash is probably doing is adding to the epic buzz about Walk the Line. I mean, it's already got insanely great early reviews and loads of Oscar talk about Joaquin Phoenix - all the movie lacked was a little controversy. Fox is probably busy putting together a big fruit basket for her as we speak.