kingkong.jpgThe Guardian's Xan Brooks has seen unfinished footage of Peter Jackson's King Kong. And? What does he think of the Big Fake Gorilla? "Utterly fabulous," he writes. Brooks was one of a select group of journalists (not including myself) invited to screen a 20 minute sequence in which Naomi Watt's Ann Darrow escapes the clutches of the gorilla, only to run straight into a flock of hungry dinosaurs. Though some of the shors in the action scene where still blue-backed, and Kong himself was, in parts, also unfinished, it was enough to inspire Brooks' utmost confidence in Jackson's final product. "Even in its unfinished state, this was a brilliantly entertaining action scene," he writes."The whole thing is handled with pace and wit and an abandon that is almost (but never quite) ludicrous." Brooks acknowleges that anything could happen between now and the film's release in early December, but for the time being, he says, "the early omens are more than encouraging." I'm reserving judgement until I see the Big Fake Gorilla with my own big brown eyes.
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