Marilyn MonroeYes, it's true: completely sane former LA District Attorney John Miner has decided that it was an enema that killed Marilyn Monroe. (Not as glamorous as a drug overdose, perhaps, but a lot more gross. And Miner doesn't shrink from the gross - after all, he was at Marilyn's autopsy.) According to an interview Mr. Miner recently gave Playboy, his hours and hours and hours of listening to tapes of Marilyn talking to her psychiatrist has led him to the conclusion that the goddess "used enemas for sexual pleasure." Well, ok - whatever floats your boat. How he moved from that (alleged) fact to the conclusion that the practice kill her, however, is murky at best. Actually, in Miner's view, Marylin's death was sort of murder - she was so jacked up on Nembutal when she died that there's no way she could have administered the deadly enema herself. Why, her killer could be out there today, just walking the streets!

Yeah. It'll be interested to see how long it takes before someone hides this guy in a very, very internal office. Or what we in the business like to call "a holding cell."
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