matador.jpgI almost can't even believe that I'm writing up *another* post about *another* profanity-laced little rant from Pierce Brosnan. I mean, isn't it rather incredible that he continues to act like such a little bitch? This time, he's dropping F-bombs all over the place by way of explaining why he thought making The Matador was such a good idea (from the version I saw, it wasn't, but I heard whispers the other night that the film's six week delay may be a sign that there's tweaking afoot). The asterisks are courtesy of Contact Music: "When the f**kers try and hem you in with Bond, it's great to come back with The Matador," Brosnan says. "It's great to say, 'F**k you, a**ehole. F**k you who wouldn't give me a job ... F**k you who thought I was some wuss. F**k you, who thought I was a pretty boy. F**k you, who thought anything of me without even knowing me or giving me the chance." Watch out, f**kers – I've been riotously over-praised for a good performance in a resoundingly mediocre film, and I'm taking no prisoners!
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