Garcon Stupide

If you judge Garçon Stupide solely by its trailer, you might think it's a hot, sexy film about a guy having randy sex with a lot of other guys. The trailer is somewhat misleading, because the film is really much more a coming-of-age tale. Unlike a lot of films that view "coming-of-age" as "nubile young  teens exploring their sexuality", though,  Garçon Stupide is about a boy learning how he wants to live his life, and how he figures out what he wants to be when he grows up -- and what he doesn't want to be.

Loic (newcomer Pierre Chatagny) is a gangly 20-ish youth with no direction. He sponges off his friend Marie (Natacha Koutchoumov), who tries patiently and endlessly to motivate Loic to improve himself. He is industrious, at least, working in a candy factory by day and as a sex worker by night. He's thrifty, too, shoving money into a savings account and subsisting on aspirin and Maalox. Loic trolls for sex clients on the internet; these hookups are mostly just about "fucking and sucking" for Loic - and getting paid for it - until the night he meets Lionel, who is more interested in learning about Loic and asking him lots of questions about his life than about having a sexual encounter with him.