Zathura guys

Zathura was a lot of fun at times but overall not very memorable. I know I wasn't the target audience, and I realized early in the film that I was probably too old to enjoy everything properly. I saw the movie at the opening night of Fantastic Fest, and it received plenty of laughs and applause.

I'm sure kids would like Zathura. In particular, little boys would like it. The movie makes no attempt at all to appeal to women—the one female in the film spends half the movie as a frozen statue. Zathura is all about the boys and what they do when they're on their own, with no parents or females in their way.

The movie has been adapted from a picture book by Chris Van Allsburg, along the same general lines as his previous book Jumanji. Because we've been inundated with trailers for this movie, and because most of us have heard of Jumanji, we know the basic plotline of Zathura. Two bickering brothers start playing a mysterious old board game that they find in the cellar, and realize that the actions represented in the game are actually occurring in their lives. This time, it's an outer-space game. A game card representing a meteor shower means that meteors start falling on the house, which has been uprooted and transported to the depths of space. When can they go home? When they finish the game.
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