Sarah ConnorAccording to an article in this morning's Guardian, a Terminator TV series - currently called The Sarah Connor Chronicles - is in the works. The series will be set between movies two and three, and will "focus on the relationship between the ultimate protective mum...and her son John, the future leader of the human resistance against the world-dominating robots." You know, just your typical mother-son-world-domination story.

It's hard to imagine, but this really is happening - no Linda Hamilton, but the show's got a writer (Josh Friedman, who just adapted War of the Worlds) and a producer and everything. According to Friedman, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (I will never, ever be able to read that name without hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger in my head) will be on a much smaller scale that the movies, focusing more on family than giant car chases and shootouts. Additionally, it's thought that the show will in some way be tied into the upcoming fourth Terminator film.
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