• diablocody.jpgBrad Silberling, the guy who directed Lemony Snickett, has been hired to helm Juno, from a script by Pussy Ranch blogger  Diablo Cody. Miss Cody is a former stripper whose blog, in which she detailed her professional and personal adventures, is largely responsible for her now-budding writing career. My plan to parlay blog-writing into studio-running just got a teensy bit more feasible.
  • As far as I know, Malcom Gladwell doesn't blog, but an awful lot of us do blog *about* him. His Blink is getting movie-ized, courtesy of director Stephen Gaghan (that's the guy who can't decide if George Clooney is the star of Syriana, or a supporting player) and star Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo's Appian Way is producing, and Gaghan will earn $2 million for writing the script.
  • Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, the director and writer behind Sideways, Election, and About Schmidt, have signed a three-year, first look deal with Fox Searchlight. It sounds like this is going to be a blast for everyone involved. When asked Ad Hominem Enterprises, partnership that the duo are creating with producer Jim Burke, Payne said, "Since we typically write our screenplays in Latin, then translate them into English, the name seemed like a natural fit." Searchlight president Peter Rice's statement read, in part, "We're thrilled to see what corner of humanity [Payne and Taylor will] choose to illuminate next as long as they keep the budget low."

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