Nicole Kidman; The InterpreterItalian mobile phone company H3G had big plans recently: they were going to offer the first Italian screenings of The Interpreter - on cell phone screens. For a fee of nine Euros, customers would gain unlimited access to the movie for a whole week. When theater owners caught wind of the deal, however, they were royally pissed. In retaliation against the film's Italian distributor, 161 theaters yanked The Interpreter from their screens - and many are refusing to put it back on their schedules, despite the fact that the cell phone release was "canceled" (it's widely believed that "cancellation" is really just a 10-day delay).

In addition to the people who are angry for purely financial reasons, others - among them the impossible to shut upRoberto Bengini - are upset about the deal for artistic ones. According to Bengini, "Watching a film on a cellular phone is a contradiction that borders on blasphemy...The beauty of cinema is watching it on the screen." What's annoying is that he has a point - it's just too bad he has to be the one to make it.
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