hafstrom.jpgFishbowl LA is reporting a juicy bit of gossip involving Paramount, the Weinstein Company, and a Swedish dude named Mikael Hafstrom, otherwise known as the director of this weekend's Derailed. Apparently, Paramount is quite taken with the dashing Swede, to the point where they've offered him the director's slot on the upcoming Marvel Films production, Deathlok. Harvey Weinstein, however, apparently has his own option on Hafstrom – and he's not letting his new Scandinavian boyfriend loose without a fight. Fishbowl predicts that the outcome of this international love triangle will hinge on how Derailed performs this weekend at the box office. *My* sources (ie: Access Hollywood) are telling me that adultery + violence + Rachel Green isn't exactly turning on the test audiences; unless Our Boyfriend packs them in, Hafstrom might find himself free of at least one suitor by Sunday night.
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