Mario van PeeblesMario Van Peebles, whose Baadasssss! brought him both credibility and critical praise, is getting back into the director's chair with Hard Luck, "a quirky thriller following three converging story lines involving bootleggers, a serial killer and drug dealers." So far the cast consists of Sharon Stone, who will play a "suburban housewife" with secrets and a violent streak, and Wesley Snipes as "a former drug dealer who is trying to go straight but comes across a stash of stolen drugs."

Now, I'll admit that this sounds uncomfortably like a Pulp Fiction knock-off, but I'm actually hopeful about it. First of all, the budget is only (HA!) $10 million, which just might result in a gritty, streamlined thriller, stripped of any possible excess by the budgetary limitations. Secondly, though he's sadly turned himself into something of a joke, Wesley Snipes can act - witness, for example, the Van Peebles-directed New Jack City, or the more recent One Night Stand. Since he obviously enjoys working with Van Peebles and likely isn't doing this one for the paycheck, it seems possible that Hard Luck might get something good out of him. Stay turned - production begins (in Rhode Island!) next week.
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