John CleeseResearches at the University of Zurich discovered a whole new species of lemur about 15 years ago but never got around to naming it for some reason. Recently, though, the little guy finally got a label - and instead of naming him after a scientist or a famous monkey, they instead dubbed the creature avahi cleesei, in honor of former Python John Cleese. It's not, however, because one of the researchers is just a big Cleese fan - in fact, Cleese himself is totally into lemurs. In addition to appearing in the Lemur-heavy Fierce Creatures, he took part in a documentary called Operation Lemur with John Cleese, and is even pictured with a lemur on his website. Aw! The man just loves his lemurs.

The avahi cleesei is a tiny little guy, weighing in at less than two pounds. While researches say that this family of lemur doesn't really walk, they assured a scientific journal that avahi cleesei nevertheless "enjoy silly jumps." Why, they're chips off the old block!
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