RoadhouseOne of my favorite people in the world has a really odd obsession with the Patrick Swayzeoriginal, so all of my mocking here is good-hearted, I swear. But holy crap - who knew that a) there were fans other than my friend Andy, and b) the first made enough money to make someone bite on a sequel? Apparently the answer to both is a resounding "yes."

As shooting began, first-time writer Miles Chapman was concerned that changes to his script would result in a film of low quality (No!), but he personally emailed The Movie Blog yesterday to assure everyone that his fears were totally unfounded. After visiting the Louisiana set, Chapman is convinced that "they are going to make a totally rocking action movie." Sweet, man. In addition, the writer reports that the sadly Swayze-free cast is very strong - instead of hiring someone else to play his role, the story is about Swayze's brother (Will Patton) and his nephew (Johnathon Schaech). Though Chapman (wisely?) avoids actually discussing the acting of the two, he describes them as "shockingly good in the action scenes." So, wait - is this an action movie? I'm confused.

Chapman promises further updates as things progress, and we'll keep you fully informed whether you like it or not.
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