Event Comics’ Painkiller Jane is making a comeback, according to Comic Book Movies.  Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti have agreed to bring Painkiller Jane back to life in her own comic series being published by Dynamite. Additionally, Jane will be getting a movie debut, although only for TV (Sci-Fi Channel).Comic Book Movie reports a movie, anyway. Sci-Fi Channel is calling it a two hour “pilot,” apparently hoping it may develop into a full blown series. The plot reported has Jane as a young marine who develops her powers after being nailed by a biochemical weapon.

Good news or bad news? The movie/series probably won’t be all that incredible…but if you keep in mind that it’s made for TV with a varied origins plot, and adjust your standards appropriately, maybe you’ll be able to enjoy it. And a new comic line starring Jane could be cool, right? Please?

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