Sarah Silverman

Fans of Sarah Silverman have heard all the jokes about this seemingly fearless, man's world-wise comedian, especially after having written and spread a lot of these jokes in the first place: "Sure, she's hot, but I don't know if I could date a girl with a bigger penis than mine." (Your chances of sharing a malt with her after the hop are practically nil, you're even smaller than you fear and boyfriend/man champion Jimmy Kimmel doesn't seem to have a problem with how she's hung.) Then there's the one that starts, "So the mohel at Sarah Silverman's bris says..." (a mohel being a Rabbinical, scalpel-wielding haberdasher of sorts). And who could forget any of the many sideways compliments and roast staples that contain the words "pee standing up". We get it, guys - you're too ashamed to admit that you're turned on by a woman with power and opinions who chooses not to use her talent telling Oprah-friendly jokes about the oh-so-zany differences between men and women, the phallic nature of the television remote and the embarrassment of that not-so-fresh feeling. Work it out and move on, Jerry Lewis. Yes, the woman has balls - and riff on that all you want - but the fact is, she's funny, no matter how you feel you need to spin it.