Derailed; Clive Owen

Three films in wide release today, with Pride & Prejudice also opening on about 200 screens. The 60 second version: Zathura is no Jumanji, Derailed is no Double Indemnity, and Get Rich or Die Tryin' is no 8 Mile. For details, read on.

  • Derailed: If nothing else, the release of this movie has revealed to the world that ManohlaDargis of the New York Timesloves Clive Owen just as much as we do. Sister, we hear you. Unfortunately for Clive, however, most people think the moviesortofsucks. For what it's worth, 80% of the reviews compare Derailed to Double Indemnity, and the comparison is never favorable. Despite the lack of Clive Owen in the later, the overwhelming consensus is that you ought to stay home and rent it anyway.
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin': Interestingly, the reviews for this one probably contain more praise for 8 Mile than the movie got when it was originally released. It's as if seeing Get Rich has made everyone realize how effectively 8 Mile dealt with its subject matter. Where Eminem's character was shown to have talent and drive, 50 Cent's is variously described as "passive" and "a mystery," succeeding more out of luck than anything else. While no one is horribly harsh, nobody is particularly impressed, either.
Also opening in limited release is Pride and Prejudice, which is coming out of the gate with very strongreviews.