The story of the Shaggy Dog has been told several times by Disney, in varying forms. It started in 1959, got a sequel sometime in the 80s, and then, a vaguely-related made-for-TV movie in the 90s (not a big Shaggy Dog aficionado, so feel free to plug in the details to my poor historical outline if you care). At any rate, we of course know that Disney is going back to the well for one more, with a Shaggy Dog story starring Tim Allen coming this March. Coming Soon! has revealed an early look at a onesheet for Shaggy Dog that you can see here.

I can’t really claim to be excited for this picture, but then, I don’t think that I’m really part of the target audience. The onesheet is relatively bland, although the phrase “Raise the Woof” hurts my soul. Allen is a respectably talented guy (I enjoy him in Galaxy Quest), and I imagine this will be a pretty decent family movie. Of course, Disney has been having some trouble with hitting family appeal lately, so who knows.
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