Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee apparently has yet another hero flick cameo, this one in the upcoming X3. Lee says it’s one of his biggest cameos to date, and it involves a word that we can’t print here on our family friendly website. As Lee tells it, he plays an old man watering his lawn in suburbia, as a telekinetic mutant drives by and gestures toward Lee. The water then stops falling from the hose towards to ground, and begins “falling” upwards, to which Lee apparently responds “what the f***.” He had to say it quietly, though, as a very audible line could jeopardize the film’s rating.

I know there are some questions regarding Lee and his relationship with Marvel these days, and regarding Lee’s career in general. I remain a steadfast fan despite all this. Don’t get me wrong, I know his recent stuff has been pretty poor, but c’mon, the dude helped create a ton of Marvel comics, and his name is still on every issue of the Four. He is a legend of the industry, and I think it’s neat that he’s appearing in Marvel flicks, even if the parts are occasionally stupid.

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