Everyone’s favorite loudmouth over at Ain’t It Coolis reporting some new developments on several Steven Spielberg related fronts, courtesy of a talk Spielberg gave at USC. Spielberg mentioned a desire to remake his own The Sugarland Express, and hinted at the progress made on other projects. He says John Williams is currently recording the score for Munich, and that the script for Indy 4is still in the works - George Lucas and some other fella are apparently working on it. This would seem to debunk rumors that it was virtually finished a few months ago. Additionally, Spielberg said that he is not developing some secret new 3D technology, in case you were still believing that rumor. He also talked about a scene involving characters on motorcycles outrunning raptors, which is to appear in Jurassic Park 4.

Well…sort through all that and see if you find anything that actually makes you excited instead of apprehensive. You want all of it to be cool, you know you do - in the same way you wanted Episode One to be cool; and you’re afraid that it’s all going to hurt you like Ep. One did. I know, I fear it too.

[via Ain’t it Cool]

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