The man never stops moving. Ever. He’s got more ducks in his pond than most sportsmens' clubs. News has been percolating of a return to the Buffy-verse in the form of TV movies, TV series (the most unlikely of the rumors), and/or direct to DVD flicks. Well, Whedon isn’t stopping there; the flagship of the Whedon fleet is also set to debut in a Dark Horse comic series, to be written by Whedon himself. He’s going to kick off the series with a four book arc, taking place sometime after Buffy andAngel, and it finds Buffy living with The Immortal in Italy. After the initial four books, Whedon may relinquish writing duties, but he will maintain a strong overseer position to make sure the story remains true to canon.

Nobody actually knows where Whedon is finding the time to do this, but at this point why question? Just accept the fact he can get three hours out of every one hour available to the typical mortal. I’ve never really gotten into the Buffy world, but I will say this- the man is good to his fans.

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