Joss WhedonJoss Whedon wrote a longass post at Whedonesque the other day, out of which AICN has helpfully pulled the important bits, most of which are Buffy-related. Whedon is still stoked about the possibility of a Spike movie but, again, nothing is official. Something that is official, however, is that he's working on a Buffy comic book that will mean something only to those who watched Angel - details are at the link below.

Of primary interest to us, however, are the exciting details the man dropped about Serenity - apparently it's doing much, much better than anyone knew:

  • $267 million at the box office -- in Des Moines alone!
  • Nathan made President for Life of Canada AND Greece
  • March declared "National Serenity Awesomeness Month"
  • Ten sequels lined up

Wow, huh? Talk about a sleeper hit!

[via TVSquad]
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