Marvel has generally done well in the world of videogames; the comic book crowd and the video game crowd have a lot of overlap. Marvel’s success at the box office in the last several years has allowed them to parlay some of their more notable titles into even greater videogame success. This looks to continue as yesterday Marvel and Activision jointly announced a continuation of their partnership, giving Activision full rights to X-Menand Spiderman games until 2017, trumping the previous deal which would have expired in ’09. Both sides seem very pleased with the deal, as well they should be- Activision retains rights to some very hot property, and Marvel gets the services of a videogame company with global marketing capability.

This news is not particularly unexpected, although the length of the deal is rather impressive. Gamers should be pleased with the continued collaboration, as Activision has brought some seriously enjoyable Marvel titles to the table over the past few years. I love both the Spiderman and X-Men Legends games, and as long as Activision continues to produce fun at this level, I’ll continue to buy it and be happy. Although I have to admit, every time the screen tells me “Wolverine Needs Health” I can’t help but think “Wolverine needs food badly.”