We’ve recently told you about the upcoming TV movies Painkiller Jane (for Sci-Fi Channel) and Blade (for Spike TV), both of which hope to be successful pilots for what could turn into syndicated TV shows. Some production pictures from both series have made their way to the web; you can see Sticky Fingaz as the Bladehere and Emmanuelle Vaugier as Jane here. Additionally, a new production image from major motion picture Ghost Ridercan be seen here, courtesy of Brazilian magazine Heroi.

Looking at the picture of Ghost Rider, I can’t help but think “get over here!” I mean, seriously, if you add some yellow to his costume, he could be a totally convincing Scorpion. I don’t have much to say about the TV flicks, except that Jane as a soldier just doesn’t feel quite right. Who knows, though - I’m certainly willing to give both of them a try.

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