Parker PoseyAin't it Cool News points us to the latest video diary entry from the set of Superman Returns, up over at BlueTights. This episode is all about wardrobe - a bit about Lex Luthor's gear and his wigs (Bryan Singer nixed the Trump look. Spoil sport.), and lots and lots (and lots) about Kitty Koslowski, and what Parker Posey will wear in the role.

People, her clothes ROCK - it's a total 1940s movie star sort of look, including a little sailor pantsuit that has to be seen to be believed. Koslowski's entire closet is going to be full of the sort of stuff studios used to haul out for their stars to wear in "candid shots," all of it put together impossibly well. The video diary is full of footage from Posey's wardrobe tests, and she looks just awesome in everything, from Audrey Hepburn-style dresses and hats to crazy patterned wraps. For the other four people out there who love Hudson Hawk, think Minerva Mayflower, but with class. Suddenly I'm incredibly excited about this movie - who knew it would be the clothes that did it?