YodaYou know that brilliant, 60 second clip of Yoda getting down that's hidden on the Revenge of the Sith DVD? Well, the person behind it has finally come forward to explain how the piece was put together - and the amount of work and collaboration that went into something they never thought would be seen by the public is just incredible.

The mastermind of the clip was Virginie Michel d'Annoville, one of the lead animators of Episode III. After attending a dance class, she somehow got obsessed with the idea of Yoda performing the routine the class learned - originally she wanted to put a dancing Jedi master into footage of the class, but someone suggested "clone troopers in the background following the rhythm of the song," and the piece was born. Once the idea was in place, it took a lot of different people working on weekends "a few months" to put together the finished product (all of the details can be found in the article linked below).

Michel d'Annoville says she has no idea how George Lucas even found out about the clip - but how awesome is it that he wanted it on the DVD? Hooray for a sense of humor.
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