So some men in suits somewhere must have gotten together and decided that TheFantastic Four DVD probably wasn’t going to sell like hotcakes. Their solution was apparently to offer an incentive to purchase FF on DVD; to that end, they are including an "exclusive inside look" at director Brett Ratner’sX-Men 3, the upcoming film in the thus far popular X-Men franchise.

Okay, so maybe I went a bit overboard with that opener. FF did perform decently at the box office, and its not at all uncommon to package such features together with DVD releases. Personally, I plan to own the DVD on the merits of the film alone, but I understand that a lot of comicbookdom doesn’t agree with my opinion on the FF movie – and frankly, I don’t really blame them for it. However, the same fans that aren’t going to buy FF because of its canonical inaccuracies are probably not that excited about the direction that X3 is headed, either.

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