Successful adolescent actor and fangirl favorite Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter for you cave dwellers and/or terminally un-hip) had an appearance on CBS’sThe Early Show” this morning, continuing the media blitz of the Goblet related cast and crew. For those of you who just can’t get enough Potter news, or who just love Dreamy Dan, a quick scroll through the headliners here will give you the streaming video goodness you desire. Dan chats about girls, being clever, the Triwizard Tournament, Harry and Hermione’s relationship, and more.

As a Potter fan, I have to say that good ole’ Dan does a pretty great job. Outside of being a convincing Harry, he handles himself well in interviews and public appearances. Or at least, he does in the ones that I’ve seen; I can’t claim to have watched a ton. Any rabid Potter fans out there with some serious opinions on the matter?

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