Monster House

The trailer for the Steven Spielberg/Robert Zemeckis exec-produced animated film Monster House is up on Apple's trailer page. The film, which debuts next summer, is about a house that's haunted--and I don't just mean "haunted" as in "haunted by creepy ghosts", but "haunted" in that "the entire house is haunted and wants to eat everyone in the neighborhood by Halloween" way. The film features voice acting by Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Catherine O'Hara , Fred Willard, Jason Lee, and Kathleen Turner, along with three newcomer kids voicing the child heroes of the film.

I watched the trailer with my kids and a neighborhood friend (you have to download Quicktime to view it) and they were blown away by it. Now they're running around playing "Monster House" and taking turns being the house that's trying to eat the other kids. That bodes well for lots of loud Monster House game playing after they see the whole movie. So, yeah, thanks for that, Steven and Robert.


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