Wouldn't you know it? I take one little weekend off and in my absence, the NY Times puts out a whole issue of their Magazine (well, with the exception of The Ethicist) devoted to intersection of war and movies. Here's a quick look:

  • Lynn Hirschberg talks to Peter Saarsgard, star of Jarhead, who explains why he was perfect for his role: "Unlike most of the actors in the film, I know this world. I was born on an Air Force base in Illinois, my uncle was killed in Vietnam and I have a cousin in a covert branch of the military who told me that he's using the same weapon, an M-203, that I'm using."
  • "The edict that Sam Goldwyn is said to have issued to filmmakers - "If you want to send a message, try Western Union" - has never seemed more passé," writes Matt Bai. He chats with Rob Reiner, one of Hollywood players that's been most active in bringing activism back.
  • How do today's war documentaries compare to the products of the Hearts and Minds era? Tom Bissell looks at Operation: Dreamland, Control Room and others for answers.
  • As Terry Press, head of marketing at Dreamworks, explains, individual Oscar wins don't much matter, even in the marketing of serious, topical films. "What can really help a film, serious or otherwise, is a lot of nominations. We're a volume-related society - 10 nominations sounds very impressive."
  • Tony Scott talks about the legacy of the actor/activist, from Warren Beatty to George Clooney. He also does an Audio Slide Show on American War Movies.

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