Chris Columbus was recently in New York doing press for the release of his film adaptation of the musical Rent, and in the process debunked recent myths (propagated by Varietyat some point) regarding his involvement in Marvel film Prince Namor. Columbus, known for his directorial role in the first two Potter films, says that he doesn’t know right now what his next project will be, and he doesn’t plan on dwelling on it until after he’s finished promoting the project he’s currently with. He also says that while he thoroughly enjoys the fifth and sixth installment of the Potter franchise, it would be too much of a hassle to move his family back to England to direct another Potter film.

As a long time fan of the Fantastic Four comic title, I am a big fan of the Submariner. I certainly would like to see a good Namor flick hit the silver screen, but I don’t think the loss of Columbus as a director really helps or hurts that cause. There are several directors out there who have proven that good superhero flicks are possible, and I’m sure there are a number of people who could do a solid job if given the chance. What I’m more concerned about right now is solid script writing and casting decisions. We’ve all seen that a bad script (LXG) or terrible casting (Catwoman) can really tank a film. I’m not saying that a bad director can’t ruin a film…just that we’ve got plenty of other worries to concern ourselves with other than the loss of a mediocre (although promising) director.

Geek confession time. I couldn’t quickly find a picture of Namor online that I liked, so I decided it’d be quicker to just grab and scan one of the Marvel collectible comic cards that I have.

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