keiraknightley.jpgHere's some news that might help us get to the bottom of what's rankling all those starch-stiff Austenists: Matthew MacFadyen, the Mr. Darcy in the new (and apparently masterful) Pride and Prejudice, has revealed that two endings for the film were shot after UK test audiences rejected the super-sappy version designed with American viewers in mind. Everywhere but in the US, the film ends with Donald Sutherland's character saying, "If any young men come for Mary or Kitty, send them in, for I am quite at leisure." But American audiences, both Sutherland and MacFadyen confirmed, wanted something "sweeter" – ie: complete romantic closure. This certainly isn't all that's got the Jane Austen Society's collective corsets in a twist – I seem to remember something about bear genitalia in their complaints – but it is mildly shocking that Focus Features would condescend to an entire nation full of filmgoers to this extent. Okay, I take that back – it totally isn't.
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