Wanda Sykes and Rainn Wilson have joined the cast of Super Ex-Girlfriend, a superhero comedy starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson, says The Hollywood Reporter. Sykes will play the boss of Luke Wilson's character, while Rainn Wilson will play the best friend.

Super Ex-Girlfriend is directed by Ivan Reitman, and follows the story of a man (played by Luke Wilson) who unknowingly dates a superhero (Uma Thurman). He learns the truth eventually, and dumps his girlfriend after she becomes too controlling and neurotic. She then uses her powers to torment and embarrass him.

I absolutely love Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson, and I’m really excited for their comedic adventure into the world of superheroes. I don’t have much to say about either of the new cast additions, except that I hope that this movie is a better choice for Wanda than the last project I remember her being involved with. Apparently the woman is an outstanding stand-up comic, but I have never experienced her in such a capacity so I can’t make a fair assessment. Anyone have a solid opinion on either of the new castings?


[via Sci-Fi Log]

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