mutualappreciation.jpgAll the cool kids are talking about Amy Taubin's piece in the new Film Comment, in which the veteran critic makes the case as to why Andrew Bujalski's Mutual Appreciation deserves distribution. The first sentence alone is pretty great: "I bet Andrew Bujalski is sick of reading that he’s the voice of his generation," Taubin writes, "when most of that neo-slacker demographic has never had the opportunity to see his films." The rest of Taubin's plea doesn't quite hit the nail as sharply on the head, but she does point out that, as far as gambles go, Appreciation isn't the riskiest risk in the risk books: the three-years-in-the-making theatrical release of Bujalski's first feature, Funny Ha Ha, was a success; and, as an Independent Spirit Award winner for the same film, the young auteur himself is "bankable". Here's good news for indie distribs and "neo-slackers" alike: Appreciation screens here in New York at Anthology Film Archives on December 17.
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