jolievoodoo.jpgIn what has to be my favorite unsubstantiated rumor in weeks, variousoutlets are "reporting" that Angelina Jolie used a Voodoo-cursed vial of bat ash to lure Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston.

(I'll just give you a second to let that sink in.)

Apparently, one of Aniston's friends told a tabloid that Jolie had given Pitt the vial before he and Jen's very public divorce. It was ostensibly some kind of safety totem, but according to a voodoo expert named "Dr. Snake",  "the powder may have instead been a charm to lure the actor away from his wife."

Just the other night, Ryan and I were having a conversation about broads, and crazy. "Angelina Jolie", he said. "That's good crazy." "Oh yeah?" I said. "You want a broad who'll take you on a dirty lost weekend to Ethopia to adopt babies? I would think that kind of thing would be intensely unattractive." Ryan virtually shook his head. "From a distance, it's great." So when this story popped into my inbox last night, I immediately popped it over to Ryan for his opinion. His two word response: "Good crazy."

I don't care if this story is true or not. I just think it's completely mind-blowing that the entire internet is re-reporting it as though it's totally plausible.
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