carmenelectra.jpgWe posted way back in March about Scary Movie 4, and haven't heard anything since. Perhaps Bob Weinstein was waiting for the dust to settle on the big divorce before moving forward, but no matter – fans of shoddily-produced, over-the-top parody can now rejoice. Dimension has announced that the cast for the fourth installment of the Wayan's-bred franchise will include Simon Rex (of MTV/WB/porn/Scary Movie 3 fame), Leslie Nielsen (who, lucky for us, apparently can't bear to join the Zucker Brothers in semi-retirement) and Mrs. Dave Navarro herself, Carmen Electra. If you're a fan of the series (which - surprise! - I'm not), you might remember that Electra's character was killed off the last time around; the producers are saying she'll be resurrected in a scene spoofing The Village. Bringing bimbos back from the dead, eh? They've still got it!
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