brokebackmountain.jpgHere at Cinematical Headquarters, we're counting down the days until the screening invites for Brokeback Mountain start flying in. Cowboys in love? We like it. Make one of those cowboys Jake Gyllenhaal - our Honorable Mention Celebrity Boyfriend – and the drool starts forming at the corner of our collective mouth. So we agree with Emma Garman at Radar that now's the perfect time to analyze the annals (no pun intended) of boy-on-boy cinematic glory. And we agree that playing gay is an excellent way to prove you're straight - as Garman asks, "when has Tom Cruise ever played gay?" AND, we agree with a lot of the items on her list – selections from Y Tu Mama Tambien and My Own Private Idaho seeming especially noteworthy. In fact, it's hard to disagree with the list, mostly because there are so few on-screen depictions of man love that suceed. Reading this piece, I was reminded of a much harder-hitting look at gay male kisses from Bright Lights a few years back. As Gary Morris points out, so many representations of queer passion end up coming off as empty attempts at shock value, divorced from character motivations or truely felt emotion – embodied and satirized perfectly by John Waters' Multiple Maniacs, in which a carnival barker lures patrons by promising "Two actual queers kissing each other like lovers on the lips! These are actual queers!" I'm sure Jake and Heath's cowboy-on-cowboy kiss will serve up the big wow, but one of my fears, in advance of actually seeing Ang Lee's film, is that there won't be much behind it.