Goal posterAs a fanatical fan of both a) soccer, and b) Newcastle United, I've been looking froward to Goal! - which is about a Latin kid from LA playing for Newcastle - with something approaching frenzied anticipation, despite my assumption that it would inevitably be disappointing. And after watching the trailer, my initial reaction was that my assumption was right. While Goal! really looks like a slick, big-budget Hollywood feature (it's not, really, but who could have imagined an American studio would spend $30 million on a movie about soccer? Green Street Hooligans doesn't count – that was about a hobbit, not soccer), the soccer scenes look pretty terrible, and there are so many things factually wrong (mostly Newcastle or English soccer-related) that it's laughable.

BUT I actually don't think it's aimed at soccer fans, so my reaction probably isn't indicative of how the movie will do. Disney's distributing it, and they'll surely sell the movie as a feel-good story about a poor kid reaching his impossible goals. Newcastle probably won't even be mentioned in the TV spots, which will most likely instead feature a few quick shots of St. James' Park (which is impressive even if you don't know where it is) and some slower ones of David Beckham, who actually appears in the movie.

So, though the selfish, nitpicking soccer fan in me is inevitably disappointed, the rest of me, which just wants soccer to succeed here once and for all, is pretty pleased. Anyone else have a reaction? Or even care about this movie in the slightest?

[via JoBlo]
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