Bond Aston MartinRM Auctions is throwing an epic Classic Car Sale in January - in addition to James Bond's Aston Martin, cars custom made for Hank Williams and Al Capone (his has a "smoke screen device" and a rear window that folds down so people can be more effectively whacked) will also be available.

The Bond car, one of four customized for use in Goldfinger and Thunderball (Seriously, Sean Connery sat in this car! If only for promotion stills!), comes with "a variety of optional equipment for both offensive and defensive purposes," better known as awesome Bond-mods. Among the modifications are machine guns behind the headlights (which, sadly/reassuringly, are props and don't fire), an oil-slick creator, and a Capone-style smoke-screener. I would totally have bid on the thing if the ejector seat was still there - disappointingly, though, it was removed "for safety reason." Boo. That so just knocked the top bid down by like $100,000.

The auction will take place on January 20 in Phoenix - start digging in the couch for change.
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