• mandymoore.jpgDiane Keaton will play a "meddling mother" to Mandy Moore in Because I Said So, a comedy set up for direction by Michael Lehmann at Universal. Keaton's character tries to control her daughter's life by setting her up with "the right man". They'll start shooting later this month.
  • Lion's Gate has hooked up with Panamax Films, with the intention of producing 6-8 films within the next year-and-a-half aimed at the Spanish-language market. Lions Gate will handle theatrical and DVD distribution, whilst Panamax (a venture created by former Telemundo exec Jim McNamara) will work on molding to content to the desired demographic.
  • Amy Adams, who earned gobs of praise for her performance in the indie Junebug, will star in Disney's Enchanted, a "romantic fable" to be cobbled together out of both live-action and CG animation. The film will begin in an animated fantasy land; when Adam's princess gets banished by an evil queen to New York City, the film will switch to live action as Adams struggles to return to the kingdom of pixel paint.
  • Leslie Felperin tries really hard to dilute my hopeful enthusiasm over The Libertine, which, she says, starts out "seductive but [ends] up tiresome ... [it's] an honorable misfire, with pockmarks from its troubled gestation."
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