Jada Pinkett-Smith as yet another animated voice, the man behind the Ring of Fire, and cute children dancing in the Alps. Just your average week.
  • Madagascar(Widescreen Edition) -- You know, talking penguins and whatnot. Ben Stiller is a timid lion and Jada Pinkett-Smith, whose entire career now seems to revolve around children's animated films, is a hippo. Together this band of zoo escapees find themselves dealing with "real" wildlife in Af-ri-ca.
  • The Sound of Music (40th Anniversary Edition) -- The hills are alive! If you don't know what this film is about or haven't seen it you're probably on Bush's watch-list. As I am. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer dance and sing saccharine songs in the Alps. This special edition features commentary by Andrews, Plummer, and a real Von Trapp. There's also a retrospective doc, a Von Trapp biography, and a screen test of Mia Farrow (huh?).
  • The Unauthorized Life of Johnny Cash (Documentary) -- Another one of those "hot on the heels of" docs. Last week it was 50 Cent, this week Mr. Cash. We're looking forward to Joaquin Phoenix's performance in the upcoming Walk the Line, but if you're unfamiliar with Johnny's music and addictions, you might want to brush up with this. Contains some rare footage such as Cash's performance at the Nixon White House.
  • Almost Normal (Gay & Lesbian) -- Say you're gay, in your 40s, and completely unhappy with life thus far. What better way to feel your oats than to be magically transported back to high school, where everyone is magically gay, and you can finally get it on with your favorite jock/crush. I haven't seen this, thus can't testify to its quality, but there are never enough gay and lesbian films on the shelves so this, at the very least, deserves a look.
  • Happy Endings (Independent) - Maggie Gyllenhaal (yay! Secretary!), Laura Dern (yay! Citizen Ruth!), and Lisa Kudrow (yay! ...Friends?) star in this quirky yarn about "life and love." Quirky yarn. Life and love. Yup.
  • The Edukators (Foreign) -- I harbor fantasies of breaking in to people's homes and rearranging their furniture (I toyed with the gang-name "Feng Shui Bandits"). In this case, the young thugs are mild revolutionaries, peacefully disturbing the peace with a little B&E, shuffling the belongings of the wealthy. In German with subtitles, directed by Hans Weingartner.
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