Tom CruiseTalk show queen Oprah Winfrey, on Good Morning America to promote her two-decade anniversary DVD, talked about the infamous interview with Tom Cruise when Cruise professed his undying love for Katie Holmes and danced a jig on her couch. Winfrey says she, like pretty much everyone else on the planet, wasn't buying Cruise's declarations of love. "I was not buying--not buying or not buying," Winfrey said of Cruise. "That's why I kept saying 'you're gone, you're really gone'."

No word on what Winfrey, who has long been a champion for women, thinks about the creepier aspects of the Tom-Kat relationship: Holmes dumping her longtime PR person for Cruise's sister, then dumping the sister, along with Cruise, for another PR rep; Cruise's insistence on referring to Holmes as "Kate", when her career was built on the name "Katie"; Catholic-raised Katie converting to Scientology and planning a Scientology-approved birth; and, most recently, Katies' revelation she will dump her career to stay home and raise Tom's babies.

Boy, I'd love to see Oprah have Katie on her show, sans Tom, so she could give her a good girlfriend-to-girlfriend Oprah-esque grilling: "Girl, what in the hell are you thinking??" -- but Tom and the Scientologists would probably never allow "Kate" off her leash long enough for that to happen.

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