jenniferaniston.jpgIn the long-run, I can only think of one thing that might allow Vaughniston to edge-out Brangelina in the Post Brad-n-Jen Couple Race: unlike Maddox and Zahara's mommy and surrogate daddy, Vince and Jennifer still have a movie coming out. We'll be talking up the are-they/aren't-theys on these two through spring; Brad and Angelina, without a black-leather-heavy project to shoot together or a press tour to not acknowlege one another on, have already begun to drift off into domestic bliss – and for movie stars, that's always the beginning of the end.

I don't think the trailer for The Break-Up - the accidentally-ironic romantic comedy on which Vince and Jen purportedly struck up their affaire de convenance – has any clues to impart in regards to the validity of their maybe-relationship. But it does offer undeniable proof that Aniston and Vaughn, when playing to type, are sort of perfect for one another, in and oil vs. water sort of way. She so good at playing that very specific sort of high-pitched woman – she's almost a less patrician sort of Shelley Long. And Vince is the ultimate, all-American man's man – the ideal foil for a woman whose haircuts make national news. Is it going to be a good film? Can't tell yet. But the whole bit where Vince explained why he didn't, in fact, get his ass kicked was priceless. Moviefone has the exclusive trailer. Check it.
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