Harry PotterRichard over at The Movie Blog asks an interesting question in a post today: why bother spending so much money promoting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a movie that has a massive, built-in, incredibly enthusiastic audience? The series of books are blockbusters with very limited promotion, and there are countless websites devoted to Potter in print and on-screen - it's not as if the millions of fans of the franchise would skip the movie were it not being promoted constantly in the media. I mean, what are the ads/interviews/TV spots doing, making them want to see it MORE? They were already going to buy tickets, after all.

I'm sure the studio would say that the advertising juggernaut is aimed at creating new, possible older audiences - but how many people who will see this movie have never seen a Potter film or read a Potter book before? Very few, I'd imagine. What do you guys think? Is Warner Brothers wasting money trying to drum up an audience that's already there with money in hand?
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