historyofviolence.jpgI've been on record for months as a History of Violence supporter – I really do think it's the best thing I've seen all year (whether C.K. likes it or not). Although I'm not *technically* a member of the New York Film Critics Circle (hey boys – where's my invite?), apparently they're on my side. According to Tom O'Neil, Cronenberg's Americana-skewering masterpiece is looking like an easy Best Picture pic for the nation's most influential critic's organization. In some ways, it's a no-brainer - after all, the 85% male Circle, O'Neil says, "skews notoriously gritty and guy-friendly." At the same time, Violence also appeals to women – and not just batty broads like myself. Thelma Adams, two-time leader of the NYFCC and notoriously softball critic for US Weekly, calls it "my favorite movie of the year so far".

But it's that male demographic – and the film's graphic sex scenes – according to O'Neill, that really might push the Cronenberg film to the top of the pack. NYU professor Michael Zam agrees: "It's got the reviews, the edge and a cool auteur director ... [but] it's also got the best heterosexual sex scene of any film this year." I agree, but I'm not sure which of the sex scenes he's talking about. HoV (as I've come to call it) has two – one involving a cheerleader outfit, the other, an aggressive, bruise-inducing encounter on a stair-case. I know which one *I* like better – I wonder what those NYFCC boys are thinking?
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