• Fade In mag - George ClooneyOn the cover: the always dapper George Clooney gives a (long) interview and talks about everything from Edward R. Murrow to his battles on Three Kings to Bill O'Reilly.
  • 50 DVDs you can't live without. This isn't one of those mag lists that will tick you off, it's the picks from various celebs and industry people. Some of the people asked: Brett Ratner picks The Kid Stays in the Picture, Margaret Cho picks Velvet Goldmine, Matt Damon picks Chappelle's Show, Bryan Singer picks Maniac, Sarah Silverman picks Where's Poppa?, and Kevin Smith picks The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Who do you think is the #1 person you need to know in Hollywood? It's Kevin James! OK, just kidding, but he is on the intriguing list, along with an array of stars and insiders, including Justin Long, J.J. Abrams, agent Esther Chang, Jaime Bell, Zach Braff, Joe Carnahan, producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, 50 Cent, direcotr Andrew Adamson, Steve Carell, and...Justin Timberlake? They also list Jessica Biel, and I agree with that. I'd really like to know Jessica Biel myself. 
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