In a move that many Star Trekfans consider a long time coming, Trek producer Brannon Braga has announced his intentions to leave the franchise. Many fans have held Braga (and partner Rick Berman) responsible for the failure of recent Star Trek endeavors Nemesis and Enterprise. Braga dismisses rumors of a prequel, and says that if he were ever approached about such a project he would have to “politely decline.” Noted Trek kingpin William Shatner, however, has no such reservations. On a recent appearance on the Tony Danza Show Shatner announced that he was writing some novels about Kirk and Spock in their younger years, and he intends to pitch them to Paramount as the basis for a new series.

I don’t know enough about the people responsible for Trek to have any real opinions on Brannon Braga; but I understand that some fans have been clamoring for his head for awhile now, so maybe this is a good sign for Trekkies. As for Shatner returning to the series: I suppose no one else has a better claim on it than he does. Trek fans, what’s your take on this?


[via IGN]

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