Never fear, Quidditch lovers. Even with the Triwizard Tournament pre-empting the sport's season at Hogwarts for Goblet of Fire, we should be privy to some great scenes from the World Cup event, featuring mascots and cheerleaders of all shapes and sizes. In celebration of what has to be one of the best things that's come out of the Harry Potter series (in my opinion, at least), we here at Cinematical would like to share some possible rule changes we would add to Quidditch, were we on the game's development committee. So without further ado...

  1. Fake snitches: What could be more amusing than having our hero, heroine, or bad guy chasing after a Golden Snitch that wasn't even the winning one? The potential for Bludger-ing is compounded with this change, one that would take away the easy win for those who deftly chase the little bugger.
  2. Moving goalposts: I mean, c'mon - there are three goalposts on each end, and they're 50 feet tall and just standing there. Make 'em spin or at least swing back and forth, even slowly. Let's see how magical you really are, flyboys and girls.
  3. "King Me" - a la checkers or getting a queen in chess, we'd come up with a novel way to make it so, at least for a short time, there could be multiple seekers. And heck, with more than one snitch, you'd need them.
  4. Penalty shots: Whacking someone with your club without hitting a Bludger first gives a free shot to the whackee. What's that you say, there are already penalty shots? Oh, yeah - we forgot. You have to use a blindfolded goaltender - they're magicians after all - if Luke Skywalker could do it, then some half-blood could too.
  5. Bludger Reversi: For every five Quaffle-based goals a team scores, the next Bludger shot will immediately return to the person who smacked it - even if it's the goal scoring team.
  6. "You're it": Adding a fourth type of ball to the game (making it five altogether) that no one has control over. It just sits down on the pitch, and proceeds to randomly go after a player for some amount of time, with similar effects to a Bludger. Interfering with the "it" ball results in a penalty shot for the other team.
  7. Power Play: Not like the hockey rule with the same name, this is an extra 10 point bonus that a team receives if it can throw two Quaffles through the goal posts simultaneously.
What do you think? Any good ones in there, or can you one-up these with your own?
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